Est. 2008

Maple Springs Vineyard is the culmination of years of effort, planning, and a vision to sculpt the ultimate in artisan wines. Vigilant attention to detail in our vineyards, paired with knowledge and experience in our cellar, have built wines of rare quality.

Drawing from our 1750's Pennsylvania farming heritage and new world sustainable winemaking techniques, our wine, like our land, has been shaped and crafted by hand. We control every step of the process, from planting to bottling and everything in-between. The result is award-winning wines that are balanced, complex, and consistently exceptional. Awarded "Best White Wine of Pennsylvania" by the 2017 Sommelier Judgment Day.



Artisanal wines that speak to their origin



Producing world-class wine from exceptional vineyards


The selection of our varietals at Maple Springs Vineyard has been made with close attention to each specific vineyard – their soil makeup, climate influence, elevated hillside locations, and our growing understanding, season by season, of what makes them produce the best wines.


We planted our first vineyards in 2008 on four acres on Maple Springs Farm, two acres on two different sites on the Farm. We started the project with all Chardonnay vines as it's the varietal we drink most often! We have proven it's possible to develop estate grown vinifera vineyards in Pennsylvania that produce high quality, dry, Burgundy-style wines.


Our wines include classic Burgundian-inspired Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Albariño, Grüner Veltliner, and Syrah, as well as a Rosé and Cuvee 30 dessert wine.

Share Our Journey

We look forward to SHARING OUR STORY  with you. We offer a unique experience with our Case Club Membership. Our winery, which opened in 2012, is home to a host of fabulous wine experiences throughout the year for our Case Club Members. More than just a wine club, your annual purchase of a twelve bottle (750mL) case includes a full year of wine education and fun at member exclusive events. From harvest and crush, to barrel and blend tastings, experience the life cycle of your wine from vineyard to bottle. Come join our family and friends for Harvest, Crush, Barrel and Blend Tastings, and the summer Pool Party. 


You can keep up to date on our events and learn more about our vineyards and wines by following us @MplSprngsVnrd on Twitter , @maplespringsvineyard on Instagram, and @maplespringsvineyard on Facebook. You may also subscribe to our newsletter below and get an inside look at our vineyards and winemaking. It is our hope that by the time you and your friends open your first bottle of Maple Springs Vineyard wine you'll know a little (or a lot!) about what's gone into making it.


Marianne Lieberman, Vintner

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