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Pennsylvania’s Emerging Wine Scene Surprises Even Those Closest to It

About 10 years ago, Scott Zoccolillo went through a conversion. Skepticism turned into amazement, followed by searching, fervor and, finally, evangelism. It’s an experience shared by many sommeliers: an appreciation for Pennsylvania wine.  READ MORE


These grapes are the Pennsylvania wine industry’s next big thing

The Pennsylvania wine industry has exploded over the past 25 years, growing from around 50 wineries in 1995 to more than 270 today. Part of that growth has come from wineries embracing off-the-beaten-path grapes, better suited to the state’s specific terroir.  READ MORE


Grocery list: Thanksgiving Dinner with Elizabeth Long-Furia 

For Chef Elizabeth Long-Furia, it’s not Thanksgiving without the Macy’s Day Parade on TV and plenty of pie. “I grew up in New Jersey and when I was really young, we would go into New York and go to the parade,” she recalls. “Another big tradition is ‘Pie Night’ one or two days before Thanksgiving. My mom, my sisters and I make apple pie, pecan pie, and mince pie (which was one of my father’s favorites).”  READ MORE


Thirst for Excellence:

Marianne Lieberman '79 

Marianne Lieberman '79's favorite wine is Chardonnay, so, naturally, it was the first wine produced at Maple Springs Vineyard, an award-winning  boutique winery located amid the rolling hills of Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania. READ MORE


Vineyard Pest Spreading

in Eastern U.S.

The invasive insect has the potential to damage $18 billion worth of agricultural products in Pennsylvania alone. A meeting in July about how to confront the potential problem drew 85 people from eight states, and a vineyard manager for a Pennsylvania winery fears the SLF could devastate wine grape growing in the state. READ MORE

Maple Springs Vineyard and YMCA send kids to Camp Speers

Maple Springs Vineyard and YMCA send kids to camp

Maple Springs Vineyard in Bechtelsville and the Boyertown and Pottstown YMCAs joined forces to send 15 area youth to Camp Speers, the YMCA’s overnight camp in the Pocono Mountains free of charge for one week each this summer. READ MORE

Jef Stebben, winemaker at Maple Springs Vineyard

Meet the Winemaker: Jef Stebben of Maple Springs Vineyard

In 2008, Lieberman planted the first two vineyards on her property. In 2010, she brought a professional winemaker on board to help expand that operation from 2,000 to 10,000 vines. That was Stebben, who collaborated on designing the winery. READ MORE

Maple Springs Vineyard wines best white wine in PA

PA Winery Assoc. Hosts Sommelier Judgment Day

In April, the Pennsylvania Winery Association invited wineries from across the state to submit locally grown and produced vinifera (the species of grapes used for fine winemaking) wines for blind judgment by a panel of nine top sommeliers in the region. READ MORE

Maple Springs Vineyard Albarino wines best Pennsylvania white wine

Little-known PA winery wins 'best white' award with - surprise - Albariño

Of all the results from the PA Sommelier Judgment Day that welcomed submissions from wineries all over the state and then used Philly-area sommeliers to rank them was the announcement that Maple Springs won best white with an Albariño. READ MORE

Spotted lanternfly in Bechtelsville at Maple Springs Vineyard

Invasive insect spreads beyond Pennsylvania farms and orchards to backyards

Marianne Lieberman, the owner of Maple Springs Vineyard in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has been dealing with the spotted lanternflies for more than a year.“We could have 100 to 200 spotted lanternflies feeding on the trunk of a vine,” she said. “It’s epidemic, and the numbers are amazing.” READ MORE

Spotted lanternfly in Bechtelsville at Maple Springs Vineyard

Spotted Lanternfly Moves

from Pest to Plague

A native of southeastern Asia, the spotted lanternfly somehow made it to Berks County, where it was discovered in District Township by two Pennsylvania Game Commission officers in 2014. READ MORE

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